"I have never experienced anything in my life which has saddened me more than this site. You and the links you have established must represent the most boring, no life, no hobbies, potentially suicidal human beings on the planet. Take a little time, discourse with one another and try very hard to derive some purpose for your existence on the web. Perhaps, in time, with effort, love and mutual understanding you can collectively arrive at a subject about which you can offer, discuss, display etc. I wish you the best of luck."

-Ryck Kirby

Sites who approve of the peep page

 - Amerisites -
This award came from Amerisites (who?), loved and respected for over 12 years! And they love and respect me.

Rated top 5% by pointcom
This happened Somewhere between 1996 and 1998; The top 5% of the web was a lot smaller back then.

I lost the icons for these last two awards, they were pleasingly odd-looking too.
Tres Bizarre
Burning the Bacon with Barret