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first content addition in 4 years - 1/2003 a LINK in "other interests"

This page is devoted to those wonderful squishy, painfully sweet marshmallow peeps, Surely you all know of peeps, small lumps of marshmallow in the shape of a bird, covered with more sugar. The peep should be worshipped by all, as it is by me.

February 18, 2003
While it may not look like it in Maryland the past few years, In California, the love and celebration of peeps is alive and well. Specifically, Archbishop Dave Smith leads worship in Sacramento. Check this out for a truly heartwarming experience. The sacramento peep crowd continues to amaze me, and rumor has it there was a peep-off at Yale as well. The champion for 2002's peep off VI is a gentleman by the moniker of "Peepicide", or perhaps better known as Jason, with 72 peeps. It's a wonder - surely he was blessed by the peep, as that quantity would surely be fatal to those not favored by our bright and saccharine masters.

About The unofficial Peep Home Page:

The Unofficial Peep Home Page was created by Jack John Boutros Boutros Ulaf Ute Edward Elvis Telemachus Thomas Eidsness, who can be reached at If something doesn't look right or something just let me know. If the yellow color looks bad, turn down the contrast. I tried to make it a little less intense, but I will not compromise the colors on the peep box. Text people: This should be 100% readable by text browsers too. If something looks like crap, I would like to fix it.
(since 4/2/96)

The Hideous Truth

Beware ye who partaketh of the peep, He who lives by the peep shall die by the peep!