You said you didn't know cool things to do with Peeps. Well, I have one for you. A story anyway.

My friend Laura Dodson and I have an Easter tradition of buying large quantities of Peeps and ingesting them until we become nauseous. Be mindful of the fact that these are mainly BUNNY Peeps, not CHICK Peeps.

You know those Dancing Flowers, they look like sunflowers in pots, but they're wearing sunglasses? You put them on your stereo and they "dance" to the music? I beheaded by Dancing Flower and replaced the head with a pink Bunny Peep, so I had a Dancing Peep that could mosh to Poison (I was younger then).

Last year on Easter I produced my three-year old Dancing Flower from the bottom of my closet. The Peep was still there, plus it looked and felt exactly the same, except it was dusty and missing an ear.