From David Toundas

Hello there

I stumbled upon your peeps page and thought you should know about a ritual that my friends and I perform every spring. It's called Peepfest 97. It is celebrate at college campus through out america...ok it's only celbrated at two place, The geographic centre of Kentucky and the highest point in Cincinnati.

In case you wish do join in the celebration here is what you do. you need at least 12 peeps of as many differant colors and varities as you can get. You will also need 1 very sharp pencil, a stalpe remove, something that makes fire, and anything else that you have laying around.

The first part of the ceramony symbolizes how millions of peeps are consumed every year. you must take 4 peeps and torture them with the items from above. Be creative. I've always wanted to boil a peep but I haven't had the chance.

Then in you must give away 3 peeps preferably to strangers to encourage random acts of kindness (every holiday has to have a good moral lesson behind it). Then you must dance around and be joyous for a while as you have just ushered in another season of peep feasting.

Feel free to alter with the format of the festival becuase every year is radically differant than the year before. be young. have fun. eat peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stale peeps are da bomb