Peep Haiku

There are collections of Spam Haiku that take up half a meg, plus a fine set of Twinkie Haiku to boot. But not a single Peep haiku is known to me. To rectify this situation, and as living proof of just how dangerous it is to let an already somewhat warped mind eat ripenned peeps, here are a few short testaments to the natural glory that is the peep.

"Just Born" yellow Peep
Symbol of young innocence
I bite off its head

Deftly extruded
Sinuous marshmallow blorp
Cunning artistry

Why such coherence?
Because sticking together
Is what good Peeps do

Extrude marshmallow
Coat with cyrstaline color
Add eyes, and voila!

Piles deposited
As if heavenly sugar
Puppies squatted here

Happy are the Peeps
Comrades bonded together
All looking forward

No more Peeps for me!
Too much sugar- I'd combust

The true connaoisseur
Can tell yellow Peeps from pink
With both eyes covered

After the final
Easter close-out sale I am

That's all there is to
The Peep Haiku collection
It will grow, no doubt

-=Gavin Schnitzler=- -=Pawn of Peeps=-