The Contest of the sucrose resistant

The Peep Off is over, and the results are available. It went quite well, and nobody died or even vomited. The Sparks home is still intact, and the leftover peeps are being taken care of. Thank you and Good Night.

Are you worried about the contestants health?

How unhealthy was the peep off? What about all that glycogen in their liver cells? What about sucrose, isn't it a disaccharide?

previously available information

A local gang has organized the first annual peep off, a contest of strong wills, strong stomachs and strong insulin. These maniacs plan on seeing who can eat the most peeps, and experts estimate that the winner will have consumed somewhere around 30 peeps, or maybe more. But do not worry! None of the participants are diabetic, so no one is expected to die. In a normally functioning liver, the glucose level is kept at .1 percent by transforming the excess sugar into glycogen (or is it glycerol? I am not sure anymore. If you know, mail me at the address found at the main page) which is stored until the glucose level falls, which may be quite some time. If the glucose level is maintained with more sugar ingestion, then the excess glycogen becomes fat. The results, and hopefully a picture of the t shirts will be added to the page.

The rules are no longer available on the web, but maybe if you ask Shawn Sparks he might still have a copy somewhere and send it to you.