Second Annual Peep-Off

Winner's Circle

Ok, maybe that's a misnomer up there. The truth is, nobody who participates in the peep off is a winner. It's kind of disgusting; That's what attracts us to it. But of course, you're not here for my commentary.

Jenna V.   -
Seven Peeps
Pakriti P.   -
Eight Peeps
Mary E.   -
Ten Peeps
Paul J.   -
Fifteen Peeps
Lars E.
"Even though I lost, Afterwards I ran off to the can and won the poop off."
Sixteen Peeps
Jen "Random" E.   -
Seventeen Peeps
Zoom   -
Twenty-five Peeps
Julianne J.   -
Twenty-Six Peeps
Jennifer R.
Last year's reigning Champion
"Slow and steady doesn't win the race if you're competing against someone with a stomach the size of Guam.
"I retire."
Thirty-five Peeps
Brian G.   -
Forty Peeps
Jack E.   -
Forty-nine Peeps
Alex K.   -
Fifty-one Peeps
Tom M.   -
Fifty-two Peeps

The following people just couldn't deal with it. They puked, and it is our
duty to laugh at their misfortune. Here you can see it on the Pukometer
Disqualifications for puking:

Shannan T. [This comes out terrible in text browsers, I'm
really sorry, but I don't know how to make this one work.]

Forty vomited Peeps!
Lisa J.   -

Twenty-four vomited Peeps