Fifth Annual Peep-Off

Winner's Circle

This years contest went off without a hitch, it was a beauty to behold. After two years vacation surrounding where peep off four would have been, we have returned in full vigour, with many new faces. Oddly enough, you will notice that none of the previous year's contest winners came back to compete again. Now why wouldnt you want to repeat something like this? One can only speculate. Without further ado - here are the 5th annual Peep Off's winners!!!

Jen "Random" E.

Five Peeps

Francesco M.

Ten Peeps

Ranjani P.

Twelve Peeps

Lars E.

"I am always so sad that an event like this is over, I cried like a baby afterwards. This was most certainly a very special day"
Twenty-two Peeps

Eric T.

Twenty-five Peeps

Jack E.

"I know better than to quote myself on my own web page. How lame is that?"
Twenty-six Peeps

Maria H.

Maria suffered a severe sugar-induced coma and has not yet risen from her deep sleep. The doctor says that I should have the plug pulled, yet I faithfully await the day when she can breathe without the aid of a machine. Donations for her medical bills can be sent to me.

quote: "..."

Twenty-eight Peeps

Todd F.

Twenty-nine Peeps

Jeff O.

"Jack doesnt know me at all so he should know better than to make up some dumb fake quote from me"
Thirty Peeps

Max B.

Max is the first person in the five year history of the peep off to take advantage of a long standing rule, which allows a contestant to continue in the contest after vomiting; the only requirement is that the contestant re-ingest the expelled peeps. In max's case, it was only three that didn't stay down.
But he made it into the winners circle, so that makes it all worth it, doesnt it?

Thirty-seven Peeps

Shawn S.

Thirty-eight Peeps

Josh H.

"I'm going to Disney World!!"
Fifty Peeps

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